Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I added a lot of pictures this time around....we've been without our computer for awhile. So be sure to check them all out. This set contains my favorite pictures. Two of my sweeties staring out the window together. SO CUTE!

Mother's Day and Father's Day

A day at the park

Great Grandma Pederson

First Baseball Game

Peder went to his first baseball game on June 8th. It was the Alexandria Beetles, a very minor league team. It was good fun, and they won!

First Fishing Trip

Grandpa took me fishing for the first time. I got to see my first fish....a baby sized Pike. You can see Grandpa holding it in the first picture.....I was a little scared. I spent most of the time sleeping. A boy needs his naps.

First Haircut

Mommy got a little teary.

Swimmin' with the Woman!

What a man! :)

Doesn't he look like a little man, just hanging out?