Friday, January 29, 2010

A Peek at our Night

Tonight we went to run some errands.  We headed over to Woodbury to check out Michael's and I made a trip into Archiver's.  On our way back to Target in West St. Paul, the following scene happened.

Emmy:  Singing at the TOP of her lungs.  And I mean TOP.  She was joyously singing like she often does.

Peder:  Got kind of annoyed with the singing.  Told Emmy to stop.

Emmy:  Kept SINGING!  Sang so loud I couldn't hear Peder talking.

Peder:  Repeatedly:  EMMY STOP!

Me:  Started singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star at the top of my lungs.  MUCH louder and more annoying than Emmy was.

Peder:  "That's MUCH better!"

And that is a small snippet of our life.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Day...

So today was a day.  A REALLY bad day.  I started my third week of classes today.

Here is a summation of my day:

1.  All 3 kids battled me tooth and nail to get Peder to school.

2.  I had to trick the girls into thinking I was leaving the house so they would get ready to go pick up Peder from school.

3.  Nap time was a nightmare.  The girls fought, screamed, cried, learned how to open their bedroom door and in general fought with me every moment of naps.  Peder goofed off, played and got upset when limitations were set.

4.  All 3 kids fell asleep at 3:45p, 15 minutes before we wake them so they go to bed on time.  Imagine how they all were when it was time to get up.

5.  I printed off my assignment for class tonight and then left it at home.  Luckily I had sent the assignment to myself via email and could print it off at the school computer lab.

6.  I forgot my cell phone in the car, which lead to a moment of panic until I realized I still had that email in my account.  I didn't have time to run back to my car, call Jake to email me the paper, go back and print it off and make it to class on time.

7.  I ate Arby's for dinner and it made me REALLY sick about 40 minutes into class and had to leave for about 10 minutes because my stomach was feeling so gross.

8.  On my way home from school the car started to make a weird whirring noise.  I thought it was a belt and told Jake to take it out for a spin.

9.  I was happily eating the cookie dough Jake made for me when he got home from his drive.  He walked in and told me that it was probably the transmission needing to be replaced.  WHOOP-DEE-DOO!

Time for bed and to start tomorrow fresh.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Year in Review - December 2009

Now the last "Year in Review" post.  To see what happened through our year, scroll down.  It's been quite an adventure!

We took the kids to see Santa.

We decorated a gingerbread house and train....and cookies later in the month.

The kids helped Jake shovel the sidewalks after a big snow fall.

Peder was in his first ever Christmas program at church.

We did our annual trip to the Macy's 8th floor display with Grandpa Warren and Grandma Cindi.  (Mari is on Grandpa's shoulders, Emmy is on Grandma's.)

And then went to the Holidazzle parade.  Peder is giving me some love in this picture.  He's so sweet.

We had a joyous and snowy Christmas celebration.

And we finally got to meet nephew #3, Elias Warren Stevens on December 26th.  He was born November 22nd, 2009.  Here is Emmy giving her newest cousin some love.

Thanks for traveling with us through 2009.  We can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for our family and hope that you can continue on this journey with us.

Year in Review - November 2009

I sold my paper crafts for the first time ever.  It was very successful and I started an etsy shop and have had several custom orders since then.

We did the Walk to End Hunger at the Mall of America on Thanksgiving morning.

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dinner.

Mari had her first trip to the ER and we dealt with our first set of injury related stitches.  I almost passed out after they were done putting the stitches in.

We picked out our Christmas tree.

We also decorated our tree.  We loved it!

Year in Review - October 2009

Mari decided she wasn't quite ready to be done with her bath, after she was dressed for bed.

Peder turned 4.  (Can you believe it?)

Jake got to do the public tour of the new football stadium at the U of M.  Yes, this was part of our anniversary weekend.  Yes, I'm that good of a wife.  :)

Peder celebrated his 4th birthday at Pump It Up with some friends from preschool and a couple of cousins.

Jake, once again out did himself with the cake he made for Peder.

We carved pumpkins for Halloween.

And the kids got dressed up all cute to go trick or treating.  Mari, the bumblebee, Emmy, the princess and Peder, Woody from Toy Story.  They all picked out their own costumes.

Year in Review - September 2009

Auntie Chanda came to visit from Pennsylvania and we all got to see and touch her baby belly!

My Aunt Debbie and I threw a baby shower for my sister.  This is a picture of some of us cousins:  Alli, me, Chelsea and my sister, Chanda.

Peder started preschool, officially.  He was VERY excited!

We spent a lot of time playing outside.

We did our annual visit to the corn maze.  What a blast!

Year in Review - August 2009

We took our brand spanking new camper up to Hayward for a weekend of camping with Jake's brother and his family.

While we were there Peder made a tie dye t-shirt.

The kids and I went to Marshall with my mom to visit my grandparents.  We hung out with Great Grandpa Earl.

Went to the park with Grandma Cindi, Great Grandma Dorene and Great Aunt Jan.

And Peder went for his first ever tractor ride with Great Uncle Jerry and Great Aunt Jan.

At the end of August we spent a week on our first ever family vacation, just the 5 of us.  We camped in the Black Hills and had an absolute blast!

Year in Review - July 2009

We celebrated the 4th of July at my parents' cabin and the girls had their first boat ride ever.  It was F-U-N!

Emmy and Mari turned 2.

And celebrated their birthday with family at a local pool and park.

And we welcomed nephew number 2 into the family!  Alexander Russell Edward Early was born July 5th, 2009!  This is him with his mommy, Jill.

We visited the Como Zoo with the White family.