Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We had a very busy 3 days. On Friday we were in Big Lake visiting Grandpa and Grandma Pederson. Mom and Dad had the camera ready to go and forgot it. So pictures from that day will have to wait until Grandpa and Grandma get back from the Dominican Republic.

On Saturday we headed out to Marshall to visit Great Grandpa and Grandma Diekmann. Peder started out by staring at and smiling at his second cousin Brady. The two baby boys found each other pretty interesting. Peder also hung out with all his great aunts and uncles and his mommy's cousins. (That's Alli helping him doze off .)

Here's a picture of Peder with his great aunt Heidi, being held by mom's cousin Amanda, and his great aunt Jan.

We went to church at Great Grandma's church a couple of blocks from their house. Mom had to leave about half way through because Peder had a very dirty diaper.

After church we had a HUGE turkey dinner with mashed potatoes (good job Heidi!), gravy, cookie salad (YUMMY), corn and a bunch of other stuff (I saved room for mashed potatoes and gravy by skipping the other stuff).

Next we opened gifts. We all got excellent gifts and we can't wait to use them. Peder really wants Mom & Dad to get more of his toys out of their boxes so he can play with them.

We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas Eve as much as we did!

Christmas Day's activities will be coming up next.

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