Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Pederson Family Christmas

This post is a little delayed, I had to get the pictures from my parents, but here it is: our final Christmas post. Every year we spend December 23rd with the Pederson side of the family. This year we had the entire family, plus Mom and Dad's foster kids, Dacia and Brandon.

We got to Big Lake around 4:00p and spent some time with the family. Dad and Chanda made pastas from our homemade pasta bar. It was delicious and we definitely ate too much.

After supper, and when all the dishes were done, we opened gifts. Everyone received great gifts and we were all very spoiled. I think Peder, was the most spoiled though (I hear Grandpa Pederson went a little crazy).

When we were all done opening gifts we had cherry dream squares for dessert. We haven't had them and years and I made a special request that they be our dessert this year. I must say they were delicious....I think I had 2 or 3 HUGE pieces.

Every Christmas celebration this year was a great one!

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