Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tradion #1 - Getting and Decorating our Tree

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is the beginning of our family's Christmas Traditions.  After church we grab lunch and then head over to Gerten's to pick out our Christmas tree.  All the way there today we had the Christmas music cranked and if I wasn't singing along I would hear, "MOM!  SING!" from the backseat.  Mari was really trying to sing along and all three kids were dancing along to the music.  I am teaching them my deep love of Christmas music.

Walking into Gerten's to look for our tree.

Peder watching all the people and waiting for the reindeer to come walking by.

Mari walking through the trees while we look.

Emmy happily looking for trees with Daddy.

Jake with our new tree.

Me in the afterglow of picking out our tree.

All 3 kids putting ornaments on the tree.  This was SO exciting.  And the tree was, "Oooooh, NICE!"

This is how the tree looks when a 4 year old and 2 two year olds choose where the ornaments go.  There are areas covered with ornaments and big blanks spots.  The tree will stay decorated this way, because I think it's super cute and I'll never get my tree decorated like this again.

The kids in front of their beautifully decorated tree.  I love it, they love it, everyone is happy with the final result!


Beth said...

all of a sudden the kids look so old! Great tree!

Jill said...

your tree looks great - and it looks like you all enjoyed the experience!

Carol E. said...

What a happy story! Great pics.