Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Day

Today I woke up crabby. VERY CRABBY. No clue why, it was just how my day was destined to start out. And until about lunch time I was really struggling to remain calm and not get frustrated with the kiddos. For some reason at lunch, it got easier. The kids were happily eating and we just enjoyed that time together.

Then nap time came and both girls woke up at 1p (after being down for less then an hour) with poopy diapers. I laid the girls back down and left them to go back to sleep. They didn't, they played and chatted and threw stuff out of their cribs. At 3p I went in and in my stern Mommy voice said, "Naughty. It is time for nigh-nigh. Lay down and go to sleep." Both girls hung their heads in shame (which is hilarious in itself, Peder NEVER did this) and seemed to be saying, "We're sorry Mommy. We will lay down and go to sleep as soon as you leave the room." That is, until I realized although they were hanging their heads in "shame," they also had little grins on their faces behind their pacifiers. So in reality they were saying, "We're sorry Mommy. We'll try to be quieter. Will you please leave now so we can get back to playing?" Amazing how a sneaky grin can change what they are saying, isn't it?

Then after they did fall asleep for a bit I went in and got Emmy. She was in a FABULOUS mood. Giggling and chatting, dancing and just in general a happy girl. This made my mood soar and I left for the errands I had to run in a great mood, smiling about my giggly girl.

For those of you who drive Robert Street often, you know as I do that the driving on this road is HORRIBLE. I see idiotic drivers elsewhere and say, "Wow that is some Robert Street driving." Granted, the street is horribly set up and with the amount of traffic on it on any given day it can be a nightmare to turn on to, but even with those things, the driving is just DUMB most of the time. I encountered 3 really dumb drivers on drive and one dad swearing at his 8-10 year old son. Back to being grumpy.

I walked in the door and got greeted by three little kids yelling, "HI MOMMY! HI MOMMY! HI MOMMY!" Now how can I resist that? I got a ton of love and hugs and kisses and it makes it great to come home!

I'm preparing for my weekend away. I'll be leaving when Jake gets home from work tomorrow and won't be back till Sunday afternoon. A weekend filled with scrapbooking, food and other scrapbookers. WA-HOO!

A couple of funny things the kids are doing lately:

- Mari runs around the house being silly and saying, "I SO SILLY!" It's hilarious.

- Emmy had a dirty diaper tonight and I didn't realize the minute it happened. She climbed off the couch and started pushing down her pants and diaper saying, "Uh OH! UH OH!"

- I told Peder to go into time out for hitting the computer. Mari walked into Peder's room and beat Peder to the "time out chair." I looked in there and they were both half sitting on the chair in time out.

I hope you all are doing well and I will write again when I get home from my weekend of fun!

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