Thursday, March 05, 2009

Taking a Sabbatical

I have decided to take a sabbatical next week, at least from my "extra-curricular" activities in the evenings. No meetings, no book group, and nothing planned at night. I'll go to work on Tuesday and that's it.

We have been so busy lately that I'm exhausted, I haven't been able to get caught up around the house, and I need a bit of a break. So the things that can be set aside for a week so that I can get back on track are going to be.

I've started working on getting things back on track these last couple of days and it will be GREAT to have the time in the evenings to get caught up. LOVE IT!

Just thinking about it makes me feel better!


Beth said...

What??? NO Megan, no Melissa, no Carol??? ugh! I totally understand! Hang in there and then come give me lessons!

Carol E. said...

Hey, it was sad to see you in such pain on Tuesday. Are you sure the PT is the right way to go? Maybe you need a 2nd opinion.