Thursday, March 26, 2009


All day today I have felt like I was hit by a truck. I've been exhausted and barely able to function. All three kids decided to "comfort" me as I was trying to fall asleep on the chaise (the stairs seemed too difficult a challenge). Here is what it looks like when you have three kids and a baby doll "comforting" you in a very small space (notice my half-lidded eyes? I was asleep before they all crawled on top of me):
Emmy giving me a hug.

So you can really tell how cramped the space was.

Can you tell that I'm loved? :)


Carol E. said...

Oh, sweet! That's adorable. I love how Mari is there, but absorbed in her own little thing. Is she texting her BFF?

Melissa said...

Isn't she funny? She's reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She LOVES that book and carries it around with her and brings it to bed with her every night. It's really cute.

Beth said...

Love them up before they get too old! Have a nice day