Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a busy weekend, but also had a ton of fun. On Saturday we went to the Big Lake Women of Today's Easter Egg Hunt. The kids seemed to have a good time and Mari won a prize. Emmy freaked out a little bit at first because they said parents weren't allowed in the hunting area (it was enclosed by a fence). That didn't last long...especially for me, when I heard Emmy screaming and saw the panicked look on the Ambassador's face. Mommy to the rescue. All 3 kids got a bucket full of eggs and then enjoyed lunch out with Grandpa and Grandma.

We also had a baby shower on Sunday, but I'll post pictures from that tomorrow. For now you get some kiddos on the search for candy filled eggs.

Peder waiting to get started.

Mari just wanted to run away.

Emmy snuggling with Daddy before the hunt.

You can see all 3 kids in this picture. Mari is in the middle, then Emmy is in the background a bit and Peder is just to the right of her and parallel to Mari. Emmy was not happy and this picture was the beginning of the melt down.

Mommy to the rescue, now she's happily putting eggs in her basket.
Peder proudly displaying his basket full of eggs.

Emmy with Daddy and a basket full of eggs. This is actually fun now!

Grandpa helped us open up all the eggs and dump out the candy and stickers that were inside.

Emmy very happy with one of her eggs.

Not the best picture of Mari, but I'm pretty sure she was asking for help opening an egg.

Not the best picture of me, but the kids and Grandpa are having fun opening up eggs.

Our cute little family still working on finding out what we have in the eggs. Peder has already dug into the candy.
Baskets full of candy. Mmmm, mmmm.

Mari showing me the prize she won. Mickey, Minnie and a school bus that drives by itself.

Mari and I walking back to see everyone else. She was very excited about her prize.
Mari running from Grandma and squealing with delight.

What a fun way to spend the morning! The kids had a blast and so did we. And I have to say, I thought I had the cutest kids there!


Beth said...

Oh so much fun! I remember those days of egg hunts. The best was one at Rainbow...the prizes were huge!

Carol E. said...

Well, of course yours were the cutest! Coincidentally, so were mine, back in the day.

Megs said...

Ha ha ha! I can relate to Emmy's rough start. Apparently the first egg hunt I was taken to as a child, they put us at a starting line, and said "go!" When all the other kids started running for the eggs, I stood there and burst into tears! My parents say that was the beginning of me being a very non-competitive person! I still get teased everytime an egg hunt is mentioned!