Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nathan Andrew Trent II

Jake and I went to see our new nephew this afternoon while the kids hung out with my parents. Here are some pictures from our trip down to Red Wing. He's SO tiny, but is actually about the same size as the girls were when they were born. Like Jake said, "I always forget how small they are." He's VERY cute and only got mad at me once when I peeked under his hat to see his hair. I still can't believe how blonde he is. What a tiny little cutie and the latest addition to our family for at least the next couple of months.

Me with the little cutie...I grabbed him as soon as was polite. :)

Proud uncle Jake. Jake made him madder then I did....trying to look at his hands.
The cute little family. Tina, baby Nate and Nathan (Jake's youngest brother).
The cross stitch I made for baby Nate. Sorry about the glare, it was the best I could do.
The card I made for them. I thought it turned out pretty cute!
It was nice to go visit them and get a chance to sit and talk and snuggle with a newborn. I got my baby fix!

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Carol E. said...

Adorable!... and this means the baby, everyone, and the cross-stitch, the card, and all the happy smiles. The cutest little Easter bunny!