Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flowers and an Idea

On Saturday night Peder stayed over at my parents' house after we had spent the day there. We were all supposed to meet for lunch, but I was unable to walk without a great deal of pain (see the crutches in the background, that's how I got around). Peder was very sad that I wasn't there to get him when Jake picked him up. As they were on their way home Peder said to Jake, "Daddy, we should get Mommy flowers." They stopped to get them and Peder picked them out all by himself. Jake provided financial backing. Seriously....he is SUCH a sweet little boy.

Me with the sweetest little boy and the flowers he brought me. You should have seen the smile on his face when he came around the corner from the kitchen with them.

The bouquet in it's place of honor. I can see them from my chair when I can't get around.

More of a close up. He picked out a bouquet with some of my favorite flowers in it. It's gorgeous!

Now onto my idea. I've been really thinking of what I can do to help with blood donation. So I have been seriously considering hosting a blood drive every January in honor of the kids. I'm thinking January because that was when Emmy received her numerous blood transfusions. I have an idea of where to have it and I am really thinking it would be a great way to help others. So I'm thinking in a couple months I'll be contacting the Red Cross to talk to someone about doing a blood drive. If it goes well, it would be my hope to have it be an annual event. Thoughts?

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Carol E. said...

It could be the Emmy Early Blood Drive! Cool! Maybe Jude would be a good person to help you get started. If your date coordinates with what she does at church, it'll be great. Because I kind of rely on her drives to do my donating. If yours comes too soon after one of hers, I couldn't give. Know what I mean? The flowers are beautiful. What a sweet son!