Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ladies of Grace - Sept. 30, 2009

My friend Beth does a weekly blog carnival called Ladies of Grace.  Here is her description:
Today is the day we share where we have experienced grace, given grace, or even just noticed our hearts softened and warmed - or hardened and cold - due to an experience... This is an experiment in noticing where our hearts are opened or closed in our daily lives - and learning from those moments as we move forward in our day-to-day lives.
So go check it out and give it a try yourself.  You may just learn a little about yourself along the way too.
I've had a lot of experiences since I last wrote this, but my experience happened today.  I went to get my hair cut and colored this afternoon while Jake was working from home and the kids were napping.  At one point when she was just about to start dying my hair a friend of hers came in.  This friend talked non-stop, looked rough and would interrupt at every chance she would get.  Finally my stylist "A" very graciously stopped what she was doing, gave her a hug and said she had to go.  I was a bit annoyed by the whole situation, until "A" filled me in, that is.  Apparently "A" knew this woman when they were younger and were acquaintances/friends.  They lost touch over the years until recently when "A" discovered that she lived down the street from her boyfriend.  "A" has been going to see her at least once a week because the woman is having a very difficult time.  Apparently she has chemical dependency issues and has a VERY difficult lot in life.  "A" was hoping to just be a friend for her and give her someone to rely on in her life...even though they had never really had a serious connection before.  Talk about Grace....

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Beth said...

Melissa that is so cool. It is cool of your stylist and of you to be able to reflect! Thanks for sharing!