Friday, September 25, 2009

Vacation Day 4 - Tuesday August 25th, 2009

Another hour and a half and I finally got another blog posted. FINALLY, Day 4!

This is how we found Emmy and Peder sleeping when we got inside from playing our game. We tried to move Peder so he wasn't laying on Emmy, but neither of them would have any of that and they moved back every time we tried to put him on his pillow.

*I saw 5 deer walking through the campground at 6a on my way to the bathroom.

We did a lot of things today. Starting with Bear Country USA. What a blast! We unbuckled the kids while we drove through (don't worry, we were going less then 5 mph the whole time) and they got to look out the windows and see all the animals.

*Mari would say for every animal, "Look the sheep!" And then she would yell "BAAAAAA!"

*Peder would say, "I wanna see more animals" within a minute of seeing one animal.
*Emmy would see all the animals and say, "Ahhhh, Baby!" Every single animal.

*Emmy blew a kiss to a sleeping Mountain Lion.

*Mari saying, "Daddy, what are you doing?" while peeking over his shoulder while he was driving through the park.

I think I'm SO funny. I may have been more excited then the kids at some points.

One of my favorite bears at the park.

The kids looking at a caterpillar. Jake tried to show Mari one earlier and she stepped on it. Oops.

Emmy practicing her senior picture poses.

One of the many baby bears playing around. They were so cute.

I find this picture hilarious. He wasn't crabby, but he sure looks it in this picture.

*While at Bear Country a couple told us that we have a beautiful family. I agree 100%.

Next we went to the Reptile Gardens. This is Jake and the kids watching the alligator show.

I love this picture. Look at that guy. He's smiling at you. :)

The kids petting a baby alligator. Very exciting and really cute.

Everyone looking at the fish in the pond.

Petting the HUGE turtles. I love these guys, they're my favorite.

Pretty butterfly on a flower at the Reptile Gardens.

Another pretty butterfly.

We went to the Roo Ranch and the kids got to pet several kangaroos.

This one was REALLY soft!
*Peder fed one of the animals at the Roo Ranch and later told us, "Feeding the big black animal was fun."
*Emmy was having me clean the dirt out of her mouth that she had been eating and when I was done asked me, "Is that better?" It made me laugh out loud.
*Mari would push Emmy and me on the hammock and would say, "Ready? GO!" Once she pushed us she would jump on.
*Every night I sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to Peder. On our last walk to the bathroom that night we stopped to look at the stars and he asked me to sing to the stars, so I did.


Beth said...

I am glad you liked Bear Country! It is well done and those babies are so sweet!

Sounds like grear vakay!

Carol E. said...

What a cute story about a happy family vacation!

Jill said...

I love Emmy's senior picture pose - that's great (she just needs to be barefoot. . . what's the deal with that trend? I don't get it.)

I've switched to using the Blogger Beta version and find it much easier to format a post.

Hope you feel better soon!