Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation Day 1 - Saturday, August 22nd

We're home! We got home at around 6:30p tonight. I took a ton of pictures and wrote down little tidbits from each day of our trip. I'm planning to do a short summary of each day of our trip. Notes that I wrote down from each day will have an * before them. Enjoy!

All 3 kids in the car and ready to go by 6:15a.

Our van and camper parked out front....before the trauma of the day starts.

*We were SO proud of ourselves for getting out of the house by 6:15a. We made it as far as Bernard (2 blocks) before realizing we had a big problem. There was a loud knocking and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Jake finally figured out that it was coming from the left tire of the trailer. We pulled over at Thojmpson Park and Jake realized that someone had loosened ALL the lugnuts overnight while the camper was parked out front. I called my parents for tips from my dad, filed a police report and started looking up different places to stay. My parents came, my dad went with Jake to try to fix the trailer and my mom came to our house to help entertain the kids. My dad knew what we needed to do to fix the trailer and we were on the road by 8:40a.
*Emmy fell asleep with her rice krispy bar on her lap. She didn't even take a bite of it.
Peder reading one of the books he picked up at a rest stop.

Mari being cute and smiley.
Jake was the happy chaufer. He had to drive the whole way because my back and hip just can't handle driving any distance right now.

Me during my very short nap.

*Mari tucked in her Teddy Grahams into her blanket.

*The girls sang a ton during the trip.

*Driving along seeing fields full of sunflowers with their faces toward the sun.

*Peder saying, "Stop it! I'm trying to color a little bit please!"

*When we got the camper set up the electricity didn't work and we had to set up in the pitch black (at 9:30p).

*Jake smacked his face on the camper trying to get the supports set up on the camper. He had 2 huge scrapes on his face for the rest of the trip.


Beth said...

I am happy that your dad could help! How frustrating! I love all the comfort items.. I have forgotten about those days!

Anxiously waiting for more updates!

Have a nice day!

Carol E. said...

Cute story so far! Let's hear more!