Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Blitz

We are finally home from our second Thanksgiving celebration. We spent Thursday at my parents' house celebrating with my side of the family. On Friday I spent from 1-11p scrapbooking at Archiver's with my Mom. I think I got 18 layouts done....we had a lot of fun and my Mom finally spent more money then I did while we were there. :) Jake took the kids to his parents' in Red Wing to do the local Christmas kick off down there. It sounds like they all had a ton of fun there too. Then today we headed back down to Red Wing with the Early family. Peder had a ton of fun playing with his cousin and we got to do some catching up with the family that is in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Tomorrow after church we are going to grab some lunch and then we'll be picking out our Christmas tree at Gerten's. We have the living room all set up so that once the kids are down for their naps we can bring in the tree and get the lights on it. We'll hopefully be able to decorate it after dinner tomorrow night. I'm excited!

I have a lot of projects that I need to finish up this week. And another bunch that I need to get started on. I'm excited to get these things done. I have three of the five stockings done and hung up and I should be able to get the other two up by the end of the week. That has been a HUGE project that will be nice to have done. I'll post pictures once they are all done.

I also have some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebrations and I'll hopefully be able to post those in the next couple of days.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were surrounded by loved ones! We've had an excellent weekend so far and have SO much to be thankful for.


Beth said...

Wow 18 layouts..whenever I go to something like that I get so overwhelmed...probably because I don't have things organized...Sounds like a great weekend!

Carol E. said...

Oh, you sound so happy! You got a lot done, and everyone had fun. How great is that!