Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Monday...

Mondays are always hard in our household. Daddy is gone and everyone just seems to have a hard time with that (including me). Today is no exception. Mari went on an hour long tantrum this morning....mostly because she wasn't getting her way and was told that hitting is not ok. Peder is playing too aggressively and has shoved his sisters over repeatedly. Emmy has been pretty even-keal least so far.
So when I'm feeling frustrated, impatient and exhausted like I am today, I take time to look at my scrapbooks or just find a favorite picture of us. Our Christmas picture this year turned out really nice. It only took like 8 tries, compared to the 20-30 of years past (and that includes the years when it was just Jake and me and the dogs. So I look at my adorable family and try to remember that my screaming children are the same ones that are smiling so adorably at me from this picture.
The main basis of my frustration is that I'm continuing to have severe pelvic pain and once again it's starting to prevent me from doing the things that I want to do. The pain is not well managed and I'm really hoping that I can get some answers this week. I have an appointment with an orthopedist on Wednesday morning and hope to have a plan of action then. I'm going to PUSH for one.
I am ready for Christmas to be here. I have to go pick up a few more things, but otherwise I am set to go. I can't wait to watch my children and husband open their presents. I'm excited about what each of them is getting and know that they will all like what they get. We're baking cookies with Peder this weekend and I've gotten our menu for Christmas Eve done. WA-HOO!
I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and are staying warm. It's SO cold out there I don't even want to let the dog out!


Beth said...

Melissa I hope you get some answers on Wednesday...I am really looking forward to out little party tomorrow!

Carol E. said...

I can tell you're a good mommy. You know how to re-charge your mommy batteries and the patience quotient. That's what counts. See you tomorrow!!!

Jill said...

I too hope you get some answers! And yes, children can be a handful and there are times I just want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry! I love my family photos on the wall because I love to look at the sweet faces of my children who are not yelling, telling or crying because someone pushed, pulled, or stepped on them!
Hang in there...they are your sweet children even though you sometimes wonder where they went, and who dropped of their out of control kids and why you didn't notice the switch.