Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why the stomach flu?

So.....yeah. Peder was sick Tuesday night and through Wednesday afternoon....with the stomach flu. Now Jake is sick and Emmy just threw up for the first time. Yesterday I realized that my kids don't get colds, they just throw up all over everything. Seriously, I can think of ONE cold and that lasted like a day. Maybe that's a good thing, because I can handle throw up better then a gross runny nose, but then a runny nose is a lot easier to clean up.

UGH! My biggest thing is that Emmy throwing up makes me very nervous. After the doctor repaired her malrotated stomach he told us that there is a 10% chance that it could every time Emmy gets the stomach flu I'm going to freak out. WHOOP-DEE-DOO! At least I know what to watch for.

The two sickly ones are cuddling on the couch. Hopefully they can just mope together until they are all better.

In other news, I'm on my way to knowing what the heck has been going on with my pelvis and the severe pain I've been having. I had an x-ray yesterday that basically said that the area in the center of the pelvis where it comes together is asymmetrical and that could be causing my issues. Today I had an MRI. It was excruciating. I had to lay flat on my back, legs straight out and then they taped my toes together so I was pigeon-toed. Not exactly the most comfortable position when your pelvis is 100%. I just can't believe that they really expect you to lay completely still for 40 minutes. Anyway, I have a follow-up on the 30th, so hopefully I'll know more then.

I'm done whining. I'm going to get the girls ready for bed and then go do all the grocery shopping for the next week. A big list this week, with Christmas Eve's dinner and Christmas cookies on the list. If everyone is feeling well, the weeked will be a fun one.

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Beth said...

ya know I love your optimistic view on things... I can't do vomit, boogers or poo...very well... When my puppy wasn't trained I would clean it up... start gagging and then throw up...I tell doesn't get easier the older you get... Now that I have grossed you out...

I have to g-shop and we have some cookies left to bake up... I also have to wrap everything and clean.. it will all get done!