Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pederson Side Christmas 2008

Yesterday we celebrated our final Christmas with my family. We headed up there and ate brunch. The littlest girls took a nap and then we opened gifts and had our pasta bar dinner. YUM-O! It was a good time and nice to spend a quiet day just hanging out with the family. Here are some pictures, in no particular order.

Jake with the girls after Emmy opened her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Grandpa and Grandma. She was in complete awe.

Jake with both girls on his lap. They were getting tired and fighting....notice Emmy biting Mari on the head?

Me with a tool kit for my Cricut that I got last week. WA-HOO!

Emmy and me looking at the painted bell that I got.

Jake with his new cake decorating supplies. He was very excited about all the tools that were in it.

Peder with one of his favorite presents, a Handy Manny Truck and Tool Bench.

Jake with his new safety glasses and mechanic's gloves. He was happy with these.

Mari being a superstar with her new sunglasses.

Emmy checking out the new kitchen she and Mari got.

Chanda and Randy looking at the 2009 Year in Review scrapbook I made them.
Mom and Dad looking at the 2009 Calendar I made them.

Chanda, Randy and Mari opening one of Mari's presents. A very cool phone.

Peder and Grandma having a chat.

What we did until the girls woke up from their nap and we could open presents. Notice it's called Puzzles for Dummies? The backs of the pieces were numbered, but we didn't cheat. :)

Emmy and Mari looking at one of Grandma's scrapbooks with Auntie Chanda.

Peder, Grandma and Mari dancing to the singing Santa.

Mari with Grandma, getting some snuggle time.

Emmy with Grandpa....she ditched me several times throughout the day for him.

The girls playing puzzles with Auntie Chanda.

Peder in his new dressy Christmas outfit.

Mari in her cute Christmas skirt.

Emmy in her sparkly new outfit. Aren't all the kids so cute?


Beth said...

Goodness Girlfriend...your kids made a haul... I remember those days fondly... how fun!

See ya Tuesday... hey I thought of an appetizer for you to bring...Chex Mix ...

Carol E. said...

Of course, what I notice is the lovely quilt your mom is cuddling under. Is your mom a quilter? I think I knew this before, but I forgot.......

Melissa said...

My mom is most definitely a quilter and just a crafter in general. In the picture where Peder is looking at the Handy Manny truck I can see three things that she made: a wall hanging, a table runner and a pillow. I think I get my desire to create from her...even if it isn't a desire to create quilts.