Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A House Filled with Joy

I got home from work tonight to a quite hilarious situation. Jake was running a bath for all three kids and Peder came running out of the bathroom in just a t-shirt and proceeded to take that off as he said hi to me. I went in to the bathroom to say hi to everyone else. Jake greeted me appropriately with a hi and a smile over the shoulder, Emmy totally ignored me and Mari waved hi to me with a smile while trying to pull off her diaper. Quite the greeting and I couldn't help but laugh and fall in love with my family all over again.

Our house is completely filled with excitement for tomorrow right now. One pie is cooling and the other is in the oven, Peder has repeatedly come out of his bedroom to "go to the bathroom," Mari is talking away in bed and the caramel rolls for breakfast are rising in the fridge. We're bubbling with excitement here. Tomorrow is a big celebration for us. Santa comes and we open presents right away in the morning. Then we'll have caramel rolls for breakfast and Jake and the kids will play the morning away. I'll be in the kitchen making a capon with garlic gravy, corn casserole and rolls and summon Jake to make the mashed potatoes at the right time. After our afternoon nap we'll head to our church's Christmas Eve service. I love it and the kids will be in church with us. After that we'll drive around to look at the lights, have pie and I'll make a snack dip. It's a big day, a day of traditions we started when Peder was just over a year old and one that we now look forward to every year.

The night before Christmas Eve all the kids get a new pair of jammies to wear to bed and for opening gifts in the morning. The kids really like theirs this year and I think they all look pretty cute. :)

Peder in his new Lightening McQueen jammies.....VERY EXCITING

Mari, post bath. Her jammies say, "I'm Santa's Best Gift"
Emmy doing some reading before bed. Her jammies say Sweet Dreams and are all glittery, she thought that was pretty cool.
All three kiddos in their new jammies...getting this was quite the ordeal.

Daddy and Emmy reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. Emmy was very interested, but the other two abandoned them soon after the story started.
Putting out cookies and milk for Santa. Each of the kids decorated one cookie for Santa and Peder picked out one of Jake's to put out too.

Putting out bread for the reindeer. I thought we had carrots, but I was wrong, so Daddy suggested that the reindeer might like some bread. Good save.
So we're all set for Santa and Christmas....now if Peder would just fall asleep so Santa could come!


Carol E. said...

Isn't it fun to start your own family traditions? Do you do it early so that Christmas Day is free for travel and visits with extended family?

Beth said...

How exciting...this is what is happening here...keep in mind I have a 23, 20 and 10...Lydia says "lets sleep til 4 tomorrow so we can get up and open gifts and go to church.." So Lindsay says "okay but then we have to stay awake all night" Laura says "first one to sleep is a rotten egg" I am thinking were is my sedative! lol

See ya tomorrow!

Megs said...

I love it! You guys have such a special family - so much joy and laughter! I hope you have a Merry Christmas tonight and tomorrow morning - and I'll see you guys at church!

Melissa said...

Carol - Our Christmas Eve came through it being the only day that would work. We stopped going to my grandparents in Marshall on Christmas Eve because we didn't have a day to celebrate as a family. The 23rd was at my parents' (this year it's the 27th) and Christmas Day is with Jake's family.

Beth - I find that hilarious. At least everyone is getting along really well! Hopefully they'll at least let you sleep!

Megan - Thank you! I love my little family....they crack me up.

See you all at church tonight!