Monday, December 14, 2009

Daddy's Little Helpers

Over night last night we got several inches of snow, so when Jake got home from work he bundled up all the kids (the kids wouldn't let me help) and they went outside. They all "helped" shovel the sidewalks and ordered me around as I took some pictures.

Peder shoveled our neighbor's yard.  I'm sure they appreciated it!

Mari mostly followed Peder around....and got in trouble when she tried to lick the fence.

Emmy was very helpful.  When I got outside she was holding on to Jake's shovel while he was shoveling the back sidewalk.  She was also the one ordering me around while I was taking pictures.

I'm thinking about doing a Year in Review from now until the new year, with each month having a summary in pictures.  It's a great debate for me right now....January was not fun and I don't know if I want to look at some of those pictures, especially during such a joyful time.  We'll see....I'll probably decide as I'm writing it.  :)

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Carol E. said...

I like that idea of a year in review. Sometimes it helps to see what pain you have traveled through and it helps you doubly appreciate the joy you have now! But I know you know that... whatever you decide is just right. I was thinking of doing mine in one post.. maybe that would get too long? Or it would challenge me to be brief and concise.