Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Fresh Blanket of Snow

I am SO happy that it snowed.  I L-O-V-E our new layer of white all over our world.  Jake and Peder shoveled the sidewalk and the snow brought out the wonder in our kids' eyes.  It is such a wonderful thing to watch.

I had my financial aid appointment today at the Minnesota School of Business.  Jake had to be there too since we file our taxes jointly and that meant all 3 kids came with us too.  On our way to the appointment we drove past the airport and it got me thinking about movie portrayals of a Minnesota winter.  You know...people step out of the airport and there is blowing snow, it's dark and gloomy and it basically portrays a place no sane person would want to be.  I said this to Jake and we started talking about how it should be portrayed: big fluffy snowflakes falling playfully down, when the sun comes out right after a snowfall, the brilliant brightness that fills the world, Christmas lights shining off the snow and kids playing.  All the things that I love about winter.  One of the reasons I live in Minnesota by choice:  we get to experience these seasons.  Yes, today was kind of like how we're portrayed in the movies, but I know that I'll get a lot of those good days out of this winter too.


blankets said...

The change of season and the beauty that changes with it is amazing.

Beth said...

I love and depend on the seasons we get...I was sort of freaked when it hadn't snowed yet... but I also need winter to not be soooooo long!

Carol E. said...

I love the same things! I loved the blue sky today. It was gorgeous. Next year when I'm retired I can enjoy it even more, because I can stay inside and not drive in it if I don't want to!!