Monday, December 28, 2009

Year In Review - February 2009

Here are some pictures that show how February went.  To see pictures from January, scroll down.  Some of these are just favorites of mine because they crack me up and show you what our family is like during our free time.

Peder in all of the necessary gear so that he could visit Emmy while she was in PICU.  He "fixed" her and was SO happy when we told him that Emmy was getting better and he had helped.

Mari with a diaper on her head.  This is a tactic I use to cheer up grumpy kids.  I put a diaper on my head and dance around being a goof ball.  The child I am cheering up always ends up with the diaper on their heads and a smile on their faces.  Yep, it works!

This is how we spent our Valentine's Day.  We went to the Minnesota Zoo as a family.  We had planned a weekend away to Stillwater just Jake and me, but cancelled it so that we could get some normalcy back into our life.  We had a blast at the zoo looking at the animals and just spending time together again.

Peder and I had a slumber party once we were all home again.  We spent a lot of time giggling and snuggling.  He is my Sweet P.

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Beth said...

Quite a year!

Love the new look! I am going for a change soon....