Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Challenge: Dangle

A scrapbooking website that I frequent (Two Peas In A Bucket) hosts a weekly photo challenge.  The choose a word and you take and upload a picture that you think fits the word.  This week is my first time participating and the word is "dangle." 

I took this picture while we were decorating our Christmas tree.  Emmy hung this ornament very carefully on the branch and it stayed.  I couldn't believe how perfectly it bent the branch and hung from our tree.  I had to take a picture. 

Do you have an interpretation of dangle in the form of a picture?  I'm really liking what I other people are posting on the website, it's great to see interpretation!  One is a picture of a kid looking shocked at his tooth hanging from a string.  It looks like it was just yanked out of his mouth.  Pretty great shot if you ask me.

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Beth said...

Love it!

I use to use Two Peas alot...when I took the time to scrap! It sure has changed!