Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year in Review - March 2009

March was filled with fun!  Some of my favorite pictures from the month are below.

Peder will probably kill me over this picture in years to come, but right now I love my Princess P.  :)

I love this picture of Emmy.  She is changing her imaginary colostomy bag.  We used to use this tube of powder to prep her skin before we put a new bag on.  She went through all the steps and this picture was just a moment in her steps.

This is Emmy after her endoscopy to make sure her intestinal bleed had healed completely.  It was the first time she'd ever gotten to go home after one of her procedures and I think she much preferred it to sitting in a hospital room.

Jake celebrated his 31st birthday.  Don't you love the kids' cake decorating job?

Peder on the couch tucked in with all his stuffed animals.  He loves taking care of his animals.

I got sick and all the kids decided to "take care" of me.  Aren't they sweet?

We had a tea party.

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