Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There is no other way to describe how I'm feeling. My heart breaks every time Emmy whimpers and I feel horrible when her pain isn't well managed, but I see the future in that bare belly and I feel JOY.

I made the doctor tear up today. I told him that today would be the first time I'd every see Emmy's belly without stomas. She was flashed at me right after she was born and within minutes they discovered her medical issue. She was wrapped like a little burrito, I got to hold her and we took some pictures and then she was taken to the special care nursery. Later, before she left for Children's Hospital, I got to hold her again, but she was once again wrapped like a little burrito. So today, at about 3:30p, was the first time I had ever seen her with a flat belly. Anyway, he teared up when I told him that. Then I thanked him and gave him a hug....and his tears welled. An amazing doctor and I hope that today he knew how much what he does makes a difference in the lives of his patients and their families. Yes, he will be getting a gushing thank you card from me....he needs to know that I know how wonderful he is. And come to think of it, our pediatrician needs to know it too. A couple of doctors are going to get thank yous in the mail next week.

Today I am filled with love and joy. I think of the love that I am surrounded by and I tear up. I've cried tears of joy throughout the day today, because I can't contain the joy in my body and the only way for them to come out is in tears.

I have a wonderful family. A wonderful husband. A wonderful extended family. Wonderful friends. A wonderful support network. A wonderful church family. A wonderful life.

My life is JOY!


Beth said...

I was also filled with joy when I got to pray with you and Penny over the phone! Several people asked about Emmy...Joy Joy Joy!

Carol E. said...

You're making me tear up, too. God is good! Give that little Emmy a kiss from us.