Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have a bunch of random thoughts for today. My mind is streaming random, unconnected thoughts, so that's what you're getting.

- I'm SO happy to be home and have all three kids within arms reach.

- I've never been so angry on behalf of someone else as I was Saturday night/Sunday morning on behalf of Emmy. I was finally calmed down enough today to tell our doctor about how angry I was at the on-call resident and how his actions made me feel. He told me that he will talk to him and it won't happen again.

- Be nice to your nurses, it results in FABULOUS care on behalf of your child or yourself.

- I was asked to be on the Parent Advisory Board at the University of Minnesota's Children's Hospital. There are 16 parents and 8 hospital faculty, doctors, etc. I'm thinking of joining.

- I'm exhausted. I really want to get back into a regular schedule here, but every time I try something big comes up that prevents it.

- I'm very thankful for the care our children receive from their medical providers.

- My parents are WONDERFUL! They met us at the ER at midnight on Saturday to bring Peder and Mari back to our house and have taken care of them during every one of Emmy's hospitalizations. They've been helpful both emotionally and by taking care of our kiddos.

- We got home today and someone from church had brought over food. She was hoping to get it to us before we got home. There were at least 3 meals of food in the bags she brought. Another example of the generosity of our friends and family.

- A friend just asked me about information on a medical condition that is similar to Emmy's. Her friend's son was born with it. I offered to talk to her if she wanted to talk to another parent...I would have liked that after Emmy was born.

- When I get down in the dumps I want to spend money. I've been showing great self-restraint.

- I'm SO thankful for my friends and family. These times would be even more difficult without their love and support.

That's all for now....Mari needs some cuddling.


Megs said...

I'm so glad you're home! Please don't worry about coming to book group tonight (unless, of course, we can be of help)- I can drop off the book at your house tomorrow, if you'd like. Your little ones need you.

We will continue praying for your whole family's health and wholeness!

Much love to you all!

Jill said...

What a great opportunity for you and the advisory board! You'll be a fabulous addition and advocate :)

Carol E. said...

Do it! (advisory board) Your experience, maturity and your wisdom will be a great addition to the board!