Monday, January 12, 2009

What a day...

Another day of our streak continues, with a few added players. I am ready to crash. Really what a day.

Jake is SO sick. SO sick. He went to the doctor today and got some cough syrup, but still has a temp of over 102. He thinks he is getting worse as the day goes on. I was talking to him and told him it wouldn't be so bad if he was the only one sick, but alas that is not meant to be. He has been sick 3 times in the last ten years, and two of those times have been in the last month. Both times, I have had at least 2 sick kiddos too. Here is a picture that I took of Jake after Peder had tucked him in yesterday. Jake fell asleep on the couch and Peder brought his sheet and covered Jake up and snuggled his favorite kitty up to him. SO SWEET!

On to the next sicky. That would be Emmy. She has had diarrhea for two days now and then this morning she started throwing up. She threw up 3 times and I think may be on the mend, but for most of the day she was miserable, sitting on my lap and snuggling with me. At one point I set her down on the chaise lounge so I could do a couple of things and I came back and asked her, "Are you ready for Mommy to come sit by you again?" She looked at me and gave me a HUGE nod and smile. It was so sweet.

Peder and Emmy sitting on the chaise watching a movie. One of the few times Emmy wasn't clinging to me or Jake.

After dinner I had both girls clinging to me. They both really needed some Mommy time. It turned out that Mari was needing Mommy so badly because her tummy was upset too. She ended up throwing up several times this evening too. So we had two very sick girls and one very sick hubby tonight.

Peder has been pretty good today, but he still has a nasty cough and a somewhat runny nose. At least he has been super sweet about all the other sickies in our house and giving out lots of love.

After the girls were in bed and we had one last clean up session with Mari, I did all the dishes and got Peder ready for bed. Once he was in bed I bundled up and headed out to shovel the sidewalk. I had already been in pain for most of the day, so I took some pain medicine right before I headed outside. When I got back in I told Jake he better get better before it snows again because I can't do that again until my pelvis is better. Luckily one of our neighbors (actually 2 houses down) has a snow blower and cleared the main part of our sidewalk for us. Tonight, they are my angels.

So now, I sit. I'm eating popcorn and sitting under my present I got today. While Jake was waiting for his prescription at Walgreens he found something I've been wanting for months. A Snuggie blanket: the blanket with sleeves! He walked into the house, handed it to me and said, "Thank you for taking care of all of us." I burst into tears. It was SO sweet and just what I needed to make it through the day. I want one because of all the cross stitch I's the perfect way to stay warm and still be able to work on my projects. I LOVE IT!

Now I just need to figure out how to get 61 pages read in my book group book without falling asleep. Not going to happen. :)


Beth said...

Okay..I think we need to come up with a get better cheer for the Early house... Where did you get the Snuggly? They are so cool...

Carol E. said...

Oh, it just makes me tired and sad to read this blog about all the sickies. May it soon come to an end and may you enjoy a LOOOOOONNG stretch of good health.