Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Soul Food and the deep need for it

Last night I got some great soul book group was finally back in session. It was a smaller group then normal, but it was SO great to start reconnecting with this group of women. Seriously, who would have thought that 3 weeks without them would leave me feeling so grumpy. This group is so good for my soul. Not only do I learn a lot, but they're my friends and a great support system.

I got to talk to someone besides Jake or my family about my excitement for Emmy's upcoming surgery and concern for what the future holds when it comes to future surgeries. I also got to vocalize my concerns with my current level of pain when it comes to my pelvis. I talked a lot this week, apparently I had a lot I needed to get off my chest. I've been down in the dumps because of the level of pain I'm in and because we haven't had a healthy house since December 16th....someone has been sick since then.

Anyway, I got my soul fed and am hoping that will help me get over this crud I've been fighting. Besides being grumpy about being sick and in pain, things are actually going pretty well around here. I love my little family and every day feel overwhelming love and joy. I got home from book group last night and went to say good night to all the kids (they were all awake in their beds). I got a great, "HI MOMMA!" from both of the girls when I walked into their room and they both instantly reached for me for hugs. Then I told Peder I was going to come and tuck him in and he got a HUGE smile on his face and went running back to his bed. I said good night to him and we both shared a long belly laugh....I love that I'm SO hilarious to these kiddos. Then I got to spend some time chatting and snuggling with Jake on the chaise lounge. LOVE IT! An exhausting day, but it ended perfectly.


Beth said...

ahhhhh and yahooo for you!

I think you and Megan are probably right about my weirdo dream..

Megs said...

I love your stories about the smiles and joy your family gives you! I wish everyone always spoke so positively about their kids! You're a great mom, and a great friend - and I'm so glad you come to book group and contribute so much of who you are! We love you!