Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ahhhh....a great day!

Today was just a great day. This morning the pain was really bad, but I got it under control with a Lidocaine patch and some pain medication. The rest of the day was great!

Also, if you have any camping supplies that you would like to sell me for a reasonable (read: cheap) price, we would love it! Since it's been 3 years since our last camping trip (read: pregnancy 2 years ago and hospital stays last summer equals no time at ALL!) we had to get rid of a few things. Let us know if you have anything and we'll chat about if it's something on our list.

Today's Smileys:

1. Jake and Peder asking me if I was going to answer my phone because I was sleeping so hard I didn't hear it ringing. This was at 7:55a....why would anyone call me this early on a Sunday morning? was the DirecTV guy calling to confirm our appointment between noon and 4p. (That was NOT a smiley. Wait till 8a please!)

2. A yummy Subway sandwich for lunch. Delish!

3. Cleaning all the camping stuff out of the garage. I was motivated and happy. I was disappointed I didn't get to start sooner because I was in too much pain.

4. Just clearing a ton of garbage out of the garage. There are two empty shelving units out there now because of all the stuff I moved to the camper and threw away. WA-HOO! I love doing that!

5. After going out on Wednesday evening we finally have our satellite service back. I watched a lot of movies that are sitting on our shelves while doing my cross stitch.

6. The girls' pure excitement at their new bedding sets. All 3 kids were in Emmy's crib at one point....laying under her new comforter, sharing a pillow. Very cute.

7. Emmy's "WOW! What's THAT?" when she saw her new bath toys on the bathroom sink.

8. Putting the camper down by ourself. Jake called me a stud for pushing one bunk in by myself. :)

9. Just being content, happy and motivated. It's been awhile. I'm trying really hard to just ignore the pain.

10. Jake doing the grocery shopping.

11. Birthday celebrations are done and we can just relax after the kids go to bed this week.

12. Deciding to buy a new camera. WA-HOO!

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Beth said...

sounds like you got a lot done! I love days like that!