Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Yesterday was a great day, so today it felt like the universe was trying to get back into balance. Which meant lots of temper tantrums, whining and just a lot going on.

Today's Smileys:

1. Got the registration for the new camper taken care of. We can now legally tow it.

2. The van now has a tow hitch on it....with electric brake settings. Nice.

3. My mom took Peder out to lunch. A fun time for both of them.

4. My mom's phone call from Toys R' Us trying to decide what to get the girls' for their birthday. Very funny.

5. Emmy looking for me while I'm not home.

6. Jake sending me a picture of Emmy and Peder swinging and Mari pushing Peder in the swing.

7. Beth is a great friend to come pick me up for book group.

8. A great discussion at book group tonight. Lots of perspectives and some real honest thoughts.

9. Coming home and having Peder run and jump into my arms. It's so nice to be loved that much.

10. Norman, the Visla, at the trailer hitch place. He was so sweet and laid next to me on the couch while I waited.

11. Finally getting to see Jake and talk to him at 8:30p. It was a long day....

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