Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Break Needed

We had a very rough first half of the day here. Peder's carseat wasn't in the van and I didn't realize it until we were supposed to be loading up to bring him to preschool. The girls whined for an hour and a half while Peder was at preschool. When we went to get Peder from preschool it was raining and Mari threw a continual tantrum while we were picking him up. It was not fun and I was VERY ready for nap time when it came.

Today's Smileys:

1. A 15 minute nap...just what I needed this afternoon.

2. "I love you" back and forth between Peder and I. A little game between us.

3. Great customer service from one of the guys that came to give us an estimate on doing some sewer line work that the city is requiring of us. It was nice.

4. Getting some time in my scrap area this afternoon when Jake got home from work. A much needed break.

5. Peder deciding what we had for dinner. It was cute. And it was pizza.

6. Book group. It was a small group tonight, but lots of things to think about, which is always nice.

7. Megan's yummy grapes that she brought to book group. WAY GOOD!

8. Dessert out after book group. I love going out to dessert with friends.

9. Everyone running out of the house quick to bring me to book group. Mari sat down on the sidewalk to put her shoes on and Peder and Emmy didn't wear shoes at all.

10. Caramel Apple Pie ala Mode. Mmmmm.


Megs said...

LOL Thanks for the comment, Melissa! :) I had fun tonight, too - thanks for inviting me!

PS: The word verification word is "sated" - as in, I'm very sated after eating yummy grapes and banana cream pie! Delish! LOL

Carol E. said...

I missed you guys! I didn't have any fun at my other meeting... wish I could just stop going.

Beth said...

Yummy pie...

Your kids love you Melissa! Isn't it great when they here the urgency in our voices and do things fast...I love it!