Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Long day

Today Jake had a work BBQ after work, so it was the kids and I on our own all day today. I'm exhausted now and will be heading to bed soon.

Today's Smileys:

1. Getting up before the kids this morning and getting a scrapbook page done.

2. Mari singing all the time. She's so cute because she hums and then will go, "Happy, Happy, HAPPEEEEEEEEEEEE, YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

3. Peder telling me, "Mom, Mari's singing happy again. Isn't she cute?"

4. A peaceful afternoon.

5. All three kids tucking themselves in on the floor in the living room and just laying there quietly for a half hour. It was cute and a nice break.

6. All three kids constantly taking turns running up to me asking for kisses for their owies.

7. Snuggling with all 3 kids at once for a bit before Jake got home.

8. Jake doing all kinds of picking up and cleaning.

9. A nice relaxing bath.

10. Going to bed before 10p....

1 comment:

Beth said...

I missed your post yesterday... or I should say I missed this post! I see you made it thru the day! Yippee