Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know I've been MIA lately and I apologize for that. We've been very busy and by the time I had time to post something I was just exhausted. I will be posting pictures of some of our adventures soon, but for now here's a summary of each day of the past week and my smiley's for today.

Friday 7/17 - Got a clear plan in place with my primary care physician's assistant and got some new pain ideas, John and Jill are back in MN and we got to me meet our new nephew Alex.

Saturday 7/18 - I got to go scrapbooking with Jill and Krista for the first time in almost 3 years. Jake and the kids got to hang out with Tom and John and 4 of their cousins.

Sunday 7/19 - We were able to make it to church and stay for the whole service. NICE! Jake took me on a surprise date in the afternoon, we saw Harry Potter and then went to a local park, laid in the grass and talked. EVEN NICER!

Monday 7/20 - Had my first appointment with my new Physical Therapist. She was 45 minutes late, but am SO excited about how thorough she is and how she explained everything to me. (And I'm already seeing great results with the muscle pain I've had!) Also, got into the 2 crops that my mom and I wanted for ScrapFest in September.

Tuesday 7/21 - Book group and a snack out with Beth. French Fries and Cheese Sauce, YUM-O!

Wednesday 7/22 - A nap....WA-HOO!

Thursday 7/23 - Peder's last day of preschool. Jake took him to and from so that I wouldn't have to deal with Mari's tantrums the whole time. So nice!

Friday 7/24 - Took Peder shopping for a bunch of stuff for our slumber party we had last night. We always have so much fun and he looks forward to them.

Today's Smileys:

1. Went to the zoo with Alison and Monty and their twin boys Nick and John.

2. Got to see a baby orangutan, he was cute and playful.

3. Emmy falling asleep in my arms on the way out of the zoo. I loved it.

4. I gave blood today.

5. Beth came with me to give blood, despite being nervous. She wasn't able to give blood because they couldn't find a vein, but it meant a lot to me that she was there.

6. Took a nap on the air mattress with Peder.

7. Went to the Teegardens' for a birthday party for all 3 of their boys. It was a good time.

8. All 3 kids playing together when we got home.

9. I love good night kisses from my kids.

10. A night at home and some alone time with Jake.

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Beth said...

yes and I got a bruise from it toO!