Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pure Insanity

That is our life this week. It continued today and won't end until Saturday after 5p. Seriously. I got some peace starting at about 8:30p. I'm loving the peace right nice.

Today's Smileys

1. I'm watching the movie Serendipity. Jake took me to this movie before he proposed to me. Of course I had to buy it.

2. Our new camper is now safely parked in our back alleyway. WA-HOO!

3. Getting a lot done today: baked 2 cakes made 3 batches of rice krispies and then molded those into towers for one of the girls' birthday cakes. (8 towers, 8 caps for the towers and a large flat piece as the second level of the castle).

4. Emmy's pure love of her cousin Coby. Sitting in his lap, happily giving him a hug and kiss good bye. It was so sweet.

5. Jake and Peder went to a Twins game tonight with Jake's mom and our nephew Coby. He was very excited.

6. Everyone in their Twins gear. Coby borrowed my shirt so he would have a Twins shirt too.

7. Finishing up the cross stitch for little Alex. It turned out great. Pictures soon!

8. Watching the movies I want to.

9. Working on my cross stitch project again.

10. How cute Emmy was when I went to tuck her back into bed.

11. The girls' excitement at seeing each other when they wake up.

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