Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Couple of Bummers

Today was a day we were really looking forward to, we had some really great possibilites for today, but they didn't go how we had hoped, so after my appointment we abandoned all the sad thoughts and had FUN!

Bummer #1: My sister's baby didn't cooperate! We were hoping to find out if we would be getting a niece or nephew in November the little bugger said, "NO WAY! You have to wait!"

Bummer #2: My appointment resulted in the same old, same old: there is too much going on with my hips and pelvis to know for sure what is wrong. Seriously, devastated here. I will be starting physical therapy for the THIRD time. Yep, THIRD time. I will be seeing a specialist that really works on the hip and the muscles surrounding it. If that doesn't work or it helps but I'm not completely better, I get to go back in for another cortisone and numbing shot. Once the shot is in, I'm supposed to go run around, do a bunch of physical activity and honestly assess the pain level. If it is significantly improved, then surgery MAY be an option. So it's more PT, more waiting, and continued frustration.

So there are the bummers of the day, here are the smileys:

1. Peder was very proud of his painting that he brought for me from preschool.

2. Jake being home so he could take Peder to and from school today to give my hip a bit of a rest.

3. Jake let me have his sandwich for lunch because the restaurant gave me the wrong one (it had everything I don't like on it and nothing I like....totally wrong from what I ordered).

4. Jake making phone calls for me because I just couldn't do it today.

5. Sandwiches for dinner so we could head out right away.

6. Playing at the pool after dinner. SO FUN!

7. A visit from Beth while we were at the pool.

8. Emmy "tickling" was really cute.

9. Nerds Concrete Mixer from Culvers.

10. Snuggling with Jake for a bit tonight.

11. Peder's excitement about going to the cabin tomorrow.

12. Jake's dad watched the kids for us while I had my doctor's appointment.

13. Planning a relaxing weekend away. I'm going to ride in the boat, lay on a floatie in the lake, play in the lake with the kids, spend time with my family, go to the fireworks and just RELAX. WA-HOO! You will NOT hear from me until Sunday.


Beth said...

I hope you have an outstanding weekend... Have fun!

Megs said...

I'm sorry you had a bummer of a day! The doctor's appointment must have been discouraging - especially since you had such high hopes. But hang in there - maybe there's something just around the corner that they have planned for you!
I hope you're able to relax and have a fun weekend!

Carol E. said...

I'm sorry the Thursday appointment was a bummer. Good job keeping the spirits up despite the disappointment. We'll help with that if we can!