Monday, July 13, 2009


Today's Smileys:

1. The girls' excitement over new clothes. Both girls usually fight me to get dressed, but this morning they saw their new clothes, said, "WHOA!" and let me change them right away.

2. Peder talking about Grandma coming all day long.

3. Ring pops.

4. A couple of hours with Jake....even if we were just shopping in a packed camera store.

5. A brand, spanking new Digital SLR camera, camera bag and two lenses. WA-HOO! WA-HOO! WA-HOO!

6. Plans to go scrapping with Jill and Krista on Saturday. That means: Jill will be in Minnesota for a bit this summer! WA-HOO!

7. My mom watching the kids so we could get our new camera.

8. Coming home to a delicious dinner. I love crock pot meals! Chicken in Mushroom sauce and rice. YUM-O!

9. Playing with my new camera for a bit.

10. Jake saying, "You're getting a really nice camera there" like 6 times while we were getting our camera. He's cute. My response was, "So are you." Can you tell we're excited. Pictures with the new camera soon!

11. My dad sharing our excitement for our new camera....and losing a hamburger while talking to me on the phone. The dogs weren't even at home with him so I found it hilarious that he lost a hamburger. :)

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Beth said...

lots going on with you! See ya tonight!