Monday, July 06, 2009

A Big Day

Today was a massive day. Happy, happy day.

Today's Smileys:

1. Our newest nephew was born last night at 11:54p. Alexander Russell Edward Early is 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 inches long. WA-HOO!

2. We bought a pop-up camper tonight. A 1992 Coleman. Yep, we're SO excited. We are going camping the last weekend of the month and I've already changed our reservations for our trip to South Dakota from hotel to camping. WA-HOO! Again!

3. The girls saying, "Hand" and leading me around the house by mine.

4. Delicious meatloaf for supper.

5. Getting a bunch done this morning.

6. Peder crawling into bed with me and then staying asleep after I had gone downstairs to get ready for the day.

7. The girls saying, "Shhhh!" when getting up while their sister is sleeping.

8. A surprise snack from Jake.

9. Making plans for fun camping trips.

10. Starting off the busy week on a happy note.

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