Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Reality

Today's Smileys:

1. Finishing Pride and Prejudice.

2. Starting a "Do Over" novel. Very interesting.

3. Keeping my snacking to a minimum.

4. A menu of healthy meals.

5. Getting Peder ready for his first day of summer preschool tomorrow.

6. Getting some more time on the Wii Fit. Not as much as yesterday, but exercise is exercise.

7. Bath time hysterics. Quote of the day, from Peder, "Mari, get your butt out of my face!"

8. Peder's new haircut.

9. Making plans to scrapbook with my sister-in-law next Friday. The first time we've gone since February!

10. 100 Calorie packs

11. Everyone together again

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