Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today's Smileys:

1. Emmy our daredevil, going headfirst over the side of the couch onto a pillow, repeatedly.

2. Individual snuggle time with each of my kids.

3. I smacked my foot on the corner of our bathroom vanity today and split my second and third toes around it. OUCH! Peder brought me my crutches when I told him what happened.

4. Peder kissed my foot where my "owie" is.

5. Emmy's excitement at seeing her painted toenails when I took her jammies off this morning.

6. The only person in our house without painted toenails is Jake. :)

7. Finishing another book.

8. Fajitas for supper....yummy.

9. Mari deciding that she's too big for a booster seat. She refused to eat her lunch and got down from the table. She played for about 5 minutes and then climbed into Peder's seat and ate his lunch.

10. Peder's excitement about going to see his friends at school again tomorrow.

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