Monday, June 08, 2009

Home Again

We are home from a long weekend up at the cabin again. The weather was crummy and I ended up in the ER again because of hip pain, but overall I think we all had a good time. Here's a summary of some of the good things from the last 4 days.

1. Peder's excitement about going up to the cabin.

2. All 3 kids being SO excited to see Grandpa and Grandma

3. My parents willingness to help out with the kids.

4. Rice Crispy Bars with a caramel layer in the center....delectable.

5. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

6. Peder calling my grandpa (his Great Grandpa) OK Grandpa. My dad and I taught him that....we thought it was hilarious. I guess the whole car ride with him he kept talking to him saying, OK Grandpa, blah blah blah. And Great Grandma is still Great Grandma.

7. Seeing my grandparents that live in Arkansas. It was nice to see them and talk for the short time that we got.

8. Napping with Peder.

9. Emmy snuggling in bed with Jake and I for 2 of the 3 nights we were up there. Jake said she curled up next to him and threw her arm over him and it made him smile because that is exactly how I snuggle with him.

10. The girls waking up in the morning and being SO excited to see us sleeping in the same room as them.

11. Peder's excitement about fishing.

12. Peder telling Grandpa that they couldn't fish with corn, they had to go buy worms.

13. Visiting the winery in Alexandria and the girls' reactions to the carved bears. Mari was in LOVE and kept giving them hugs, kisses and pats on the head. Emmy was a little nervous. Until she saw Mari giving them hugs, she didn't want to be within 2 feet of them.

14. Our long drive to the winery because of all the road closures up around it.

15. Working on my cross stitch and making a TON of progress.

16. Jake getting to go golfing with my dad again. He deserved some time away.

17. The Jimmy Jig drawing in the Alex ER. They have a drawing of a fisherman and on it are markings of where people have come in with a hook stuck in them or an injury from a hook. I thought it was hilarious....especially with the special drugs they gave me.

18. Small town service. The pharmacist at the Walgreens up there was SO nice and made sure I had a good understanding of my newly prescribed medication.

19. Spending my birthday money on some new scrapbook paper. I wasn't able to make it to stores up there, but did make a brief stop at Archiver's tonight and found some of the papers I've been in love with for a long time.

20. Getting everything for Peder's bedroom redo. I'll show pictures once it is finished. We got new paint, a border that will be at chair rail height, some wall art and wall shelves to redo toy storage. SO EXCITED!

21. Peder's excitement about staying at Grandpa and Grandma's cabin without the rest of us.

22. My phone call with Peder this evening. Talking about fishing and the baby loon and mommy he saw.

23. My girls giving me hugs and kisses all the time.

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Beth said...

Sounds like lots of good things happening! Get reading!