Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a Wednesday

Today was a very up and down day. I did really well until about 1:30 or 2 this afternoon and then I got stopped in my tracks by pain. I rested, took some pain pills and was better by this evening so I could continue with my evening plans. WA-HOO!

Be Happy Song of the Day: We're Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes

1. Peder asking to talk to his sisters on the phone.

2. Peder telling me that the fish Grandpa caught was too scary to touch, but Grandma did touch it.

3. Being almost completely pain free until almost 2p today. WA-HOO!

4. Getting a lot done before the pain set in.

5. Pain pills that work on the pain so I can go have fun!

6. Dessert at Applebee's with Beth. YUMMY food and GREAT conversation. We had fun, even if they didn't have the sizzling apple dessert that we wanted!

7. Mari saying, "I poop." It's so cute and funny. Sometimes she even pats herself on the butt when she says it.

8. My handsome man doing the dishes.

9. Looking up new books to read.

10. Discovering 30 books in our garage that I've wanted to read but didn't know what happened to them.

11. Getting rid of a TON of stuff.

12. Emmy yelling, "STOP IT!" when I'm telling her no about something. It's naughty, but cute.


Beth said...

I enjoyed our time together! What books?

CRSte said...

The sizzling apple pie skillet was totally Uncle Randy's favorite too....but alas they ditched it from the menu many years ago!
I'm getting excited to see pictures of Peder's new room! Fun Fun!