Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super Sunday

We had a big day today, but it was excellent.

Today's smileys:

1. Jake and I started our weight loss challenge. I have 7.5 pounds to lose, he has 10.5. Let the healthy living and eating commence!

2. Peder is HOME!

3. The pure excitement all three kids had when they saw each other this evening. I asked Peder for another hug and he said, "Just wait mom, I have to go see Emmy." Super cute.

4. Emmy putting her finger to her lips and saying, "Shhhh!" while snuggling with Daddy today.

5. The girls snuggling with Jake. Really cute. Oh, and notice Jesse in the background? He's kind of claimed that as his chair.

6. Peder discovering the new books we got him. The cars one is actually 5 books in a puzzle format. Pretty cool. He sat down to work on them right away.

7. Peder's excitement and confusion when seeing his room redone. He had just woken up from a nap on the way home and DID NOT want to wake up. I took awhile for it to sink in....then he asked for red paint on the bottom half of the wall too. :)
"What is going on in here?"

8. Getting Peder's room mostly done. If you couldn't tell from the above pictures, we did it in a Cars theme. Jake set up a bunch of his Cars on the table in his bedroom to greet Peder when he got home.

Facing the door from the far corner. We'll be putting a glider in this corner so I can sit in there with the kids. That's nearly impossible right now with how bad my hip has been.

The view from the door. My glider will be between the windows.
Lightning McQueen and Mater. This is right next to his bed and by the temporary home of my glider. Once we get Peder a twin size bed it will go along this wall and they'll be right next to his bed.

The ceiling fan we got for in there. SO FUN!

9. Spending an hour on the Wii Fit and actually working up a sweat without aggitating my pelvis.
10. A beautiful day! These are the days I've been waiting for!

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