Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today was a big day in the Early household. Peder started preschool today. I was SO excited for him, because I knew how much he was going to love it. Then, we got to school, he met his teacher and he was off. I made it out to the van before I burst into tears. All the sudden it hit me, my baby boy was going to his first day of "school." It was such a bittersweet moment. I've been a bit of an emotional mess today since then.

Today's Smileys:

1. Peder's excitement over going to school. I couldn't even get a good picture of him. This is the best I got. This is in front of the school.

Walking into the school holding his backpack.
2. Talking to Peder about his first day of school and all the fun he had.
3. Lunch out, just Peder and I
4. Tears of joy and sadness about my little boy growing up.
5. Emmy singing to me at the top of her lungs and then clapping when she is all done.
6. The whole family dancing to the songs in the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks.
7. My parents coming to visit and checking out Peder's new bedroom.
8. Playing ball with all the kids.
9. Peder's giggles when I try to lift his arms over his head. He anticipates me tickling him, so even though I don't do it, he giggles uncontrollably thinking I'm going to.
10. Mari's curly hair. She's starting to get ringlets.
11. Thunder. It was nice to hear it today.
12. Jake's tears of joy at Fred Claus.
13. The best compliment in the world from Jake: "You are one of those moms you read about in books. You know, a really great mom."
14. Hugs and kisses before bedtime.

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