Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Today's Smileys:

1. A new hairdo. This was the risk I was talking about yesterday. You'll see why in the last picture.

Before - Unstyled, before bed.

After - Once again unstyled

After, back - And there is the risk I took. Those streaks are primary red. Very subtle, but VERY fun. I love it!

2. Peder's projects from school and how proud he was of them.

His binoculars.
A frog. It ribbits at you if Peder is in the room. :)

3. My girls singing away in the car.

4. Our "train" walking into the school. Me holding Mari's hand, Mari holding Peder's, and Peder holding Emmy's. Cute, cute.

5. An evening out of the house.

6. I love the girl that did my hair. I will be going back to her at least until she graduates.

7. All packed up for scrapbooking tomorrow night.

8. Goofing off with the kiddos this afternoon.

9. Lots of giggles in our house.

10. ScrapFest information is up. WA-HOO!


Beth said...

so very cute! I love it!

Beth said...

PS: I can't get my blog to load so I missed your post last night...arghhhh

Auntie Chanda said...

Peder seriously looks like a little boy on Safari with his binoculars, orange plaid shirt, and shorts....really cute!

Carol E. said...

I like the red!