Friday, May 08, 2009

Fabulous Friday

My Fabulous Friday Smileys:

1. My parents came to visit and the kids were SO happy. Stampedes to the doorway. Mari adoring Grandma. Emmy pushing Grandma out of the way to get to Grandpa. Peder talking their ears off. And cute new jammies and outfits for all 3 kids.

2. Free HBO all weekend on DirecTV. Time to load up the DVR for rainy nights this summer!

3. I called my new doctor's office this morning to check for cancellations and my appointment is now scheduled for July 2nd....3 WEEKS EARLIER! Yes, I will be calling again next week, but I was SO excited by that news this morning that if I could have I would have done a happy dance! WA-HOO!

4. Sleeping in bed again last night and being able to cuddle with Jake. We both missed it! It took awhile to get comfortable enough to sleep (it took an ice pack on the hip for that to happen), but I slept much better last night then I had been on the couch.

5. Hearing Mari yell, "EMMY!" while they are supposed to be napping.

6. Grey's Anatomy. I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I am really liking Carev.

7. Peder pulling Mari around the house in the wagon.

8. The girls waving bye-bye to me as they walk into another room....or two feet from me....then two more feet....etc.

9. Peder eating a water chestnut at supper and doing the typical "kid eating something they think is disgusting" facial expressions and gagging.

10. Emmy giving Mari hugs.

11. That 70's Show. Always makes me smile.

12. Jake's Mickey Mouse voice

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Carol E. said...

Life is grand! So glad to hear you got an earlier appointment! Maybe that'll happen again.