Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love Summer Weekends!

Today's Be Happy Song of the Day: Sunshine Day by The Brady Bunch

Today's Smileys:

1. Walking through Gerten's looking at all the beautiful flowers and plants and dreaming about future projects.

2. Picking out flowers for our house and seeing them planted in front of the house.

3. Peder "helping" Jake plant the flowers.

4. Creating beautiful things through my hobbies.

5. Mari pretending to be Mommy.

6. All my children snuggling in Peder's bed. It was time for "nigh-nigh" 6:30p. :)

7. Mari loving on the baby doll and rocking it in the rocking chair.

8. Making plans for Peder's bedroom and hoping to surprise him with it if he stays with Grandpa and Grandma at their cabin next week.
9. Getting excited about all the projects I want to do and finish around the house.
10. Summer weekends at home relaxing and doing things around the house.

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