Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We are home from our weekend at my parents' cabin. The weekend was great most of the time, the only downers were my hip and the kids had a difficult time falling asleep at least one night we were there. Otherwise, it was fabulous. We played, sat on the porch and just spent time together. Jake and my dad went golfing twice.

Here are the smileys for the weekend:

1. Leaving on time.

2. Taco John's for me some potato oles and nacho cheese sauce.

3. Stopping at Crafts Direct and getting 3 new cross stitch projects for my sister's new baby that is due on November!

4. Starting one of the projects for the baby.

5. Scrapbook store shopping with my mom. Got some great new stuff!
6. Lunch out with my mom.
7. Peder's love of fishing and constantly asking Grandpa to go fishing.
8. Hanging out on the porch with my parents.
9. The girls getting all excited when they'd wake up in the morning and see Jake and me laying in bed.
10. Emmy just wanting her mommy in the middle of the night.
11. Lunch out with Jake.
12. The cuteness of the kids walking along with my mom or Jake all holding hands. Emmy insisted on holding both Jake's and Peder's hands.
13. The kids going to get treats with Grandma and bringing me back some treats of my own.
14. Buffalo Chicken pizza for my special birthday dinner
15. Cherry Dream Squares as my birthday cake. CANNOT get any better.
16. Watching the kids have fun with my parents.
17. The great fun a bubble machine can bring.
18. Cherry Dream Squares and bacon for breakfast. I'm SO spoiled.
19. Singing and dancing with the kids on the car ride home.
20. Spending time together as a family.

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Beth said...

Sounds like a success! And home early enough to unwind! Hope to see you tomorrow!