Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Be Honest

Ok, let's be honest. This pain is turning me into a crab. I'm struggling to find things to smile about and am having mini breakdowns on a regular basis. I'm feeling a bit defeated and discouraged. Add to that the fact that today has been the most painful day I've had since my cortisone shot kicked in and it makes for emotional frailty and fast tears. This isn't easy. I am FORCING myself to find things to smile about and am hoping that by continuing to do so my mood will be lifted. So there, an honest assessment of how I'm doing. Now for the the things that make me smile.

My Be Happy song of the day: Boys with Girlfriends by Meiko

My Smileys of the day:

1. Insight from book club that brings peace with it.

2. My book group friends. A lot of us arrived crabby and we were still able to laugh a lot.

3. Brownies

4. Sudoku to take my mind off the pain

5. Discovering there are adult versions of the choose your own story books of our youth.

6. The kids playing with their baby dolls.

7. Taking a nap.

8. Friends who listen.

9. Bedtime hugs and kisses

10. Watching The Biggest Loser with Jake


Carol E. said...

Oh, I wish I could find my magic wand and remove your pain! And I wish I had been at book group!! What I went to wasn't even half as good.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of kids playing baby dolls....did I tell you the last time I was there Peder was busy informing me about his little cousin on the way. That little wooden baby doll was in fact the baby from Auntie Chanda's belly....and,among other things, Peder didn't think the baby would look like Auntie Chanda OR Uncle Randy, he thought the baby would look like Emmy! Little goof!